Blewbury Pre-School Lottery 

Blewbury Pre-School Lottery
We’re delighted to announce that the new Blewbury Pre-School Lottery will begin in January 2021 – marking our 50th year!

Anyone aged 16 or over can take part. For just £5 per month you’ll be entered into a monthly lottery with a chance to win one of three cash prizes. The lottery money will be split 50:50 between fundraising and prize money. 

The proceeds going to the village pre-school will help fund equipment and resources, and to meet any other funding needs. It’s an annual membership, so we’re asking people to sign up for a whole year. 

We plan to sell a maximum of 200 lottery numbers each year. If all 200 lottery numbers are sold, the prizes each month would be: 1st prize £250, 2nd prize £150, 3rd prize £100. The remaining £500 per month would go to the pre-school. 

With only 200 lottery numbers up for grabs, don’t miss out – be one of the first to receive a sign-up form. Please email and we’ll be in touch with all the details, including terms and conditions. 

The Blewbury Pre-School Lottery is a great way to support the village pre-school – especially as we’ve not been able to do our normal fundraising events due to COVID restrictions. So please do consider joining the lottery and having a flutter – GOOD LUCK! 

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